Thursday, April 10, 2014

Living So That - Chapter 1:Part 3

Here we 3..still waking up early! I honestly think God has got to be helping me with that or else I would not be able to get up every morning.

"Read Galatians 2:19-20 and share how this verse relates to our discussion."
Our lives are completely transformed when we accept Jesus "into our hearts." We no longer have to be concerned with our old lives because we have spiritually died and been reborn into a completely new way of living.

"Read John 11:1-44. Reread verses 43 and 44. Share how Lazarus' story relates to our conversation."
Lazarus literally died and was resurrected. His sisters showed their faith in God that Jesus could bring him back from the dead to start a new life.

"If sin no longer controls those who are believers in Jesus, who or what controls them?"
I think we are in control of the choices we make or the actions we take. Instead of being strongly influenced by sin, however, we can choose to be strongly influenced by Jesus.

"Contrast ways to feed the flesh and ways to feed the spirit. (See Romans 12:9-21)"
Basically, we should try our best to live like Jesus. Instead of being hateful, be loving. Instead of being selfish, be giving. Instead of being "haughty," be "lowly." Love your enemies instead of retaliating their evil. Don't seek vengeance, let God take care of it instead.

"How do you feed your spirit?"
Choosing to think before I speak when I am not feeling loving. Praying for God's help in ALL situations. Reading my Bible so that I can learn and grow in my relationship with Christ (& hopefully become more Christ-like).

"If you feel your flesh is winning in this struggle, commit today to take one step toward feeding your spirit and write a prayer of commitment below."
Heavenly Father, I know that I can't live this life on my own. I need you. Without your help and your grace, I am drowning in a sea of sinful desires. Help me to recognize when I am not making the right choices, when I am allowing "the flesh" to win. Keep my focus on you, Lord, so that I may live a life that brings others to know You. Amen.

Complete the thought .. "Jesus came so that..."
I can be free from sin's hold on me. I don't have to be chained down under sin's command. I have broken out of those chains, and I can live a life full of love and peace. I don't have to feed the flesh, because Jesus broke its hold over me. I can choose to feed my spirit.

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